Pendulballs – Pavel Evsukevich

Paľko a jeho videoworkshop trpezlivosti, alebo zopár výstižných siteswapov a trikov s ledabolo si poskakujúcou loptou na hlave.

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Jedna odpoveď na Pendulballs – Pavel Evsukevich

  1. marc hovorí:

    No insult , too mechanical and boring ! …. no showmanship / no movement without the props / no acrobatics / no dance / nothing original ….this
    type of juggling is out dated ( dead ) . It has no artistic or entertainment value .
    He needs to watch K. Kremo / Francis Brunn / Jr Picaso / Dick Franco/ Boby May / Buba etc . An act should be original and entertaining .. standing in one place a just tossing objects is a sleeper . Elite soccer players juggle JUST one ball and the whole world loves it and have pop star status . Juggling too many props is a waist of time and not respect by the crowd any more . Juggling today needs a PELE or a MICHEAL JORDAN to
    put the beautiful art of juggling on the map ….. that can only be done thru talent and creativity … I am sure it will happen .

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